Light Leaks (7/2/21 - 8/19/21)

(City Point, Brooklyn)

Thousand Deep presented and produced "Light Leaks", created by artists Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan.

Light Leaks is an immersive art experience where visitors can escape into a seemingly infinite space created by patterns from millions of lights and a gigantic cluster of glistening disco balls.

At City Point, Brooklyn's largest shopping, dining, and entertainment destination.

Instead of projecting directly onto surfaces of a room like in typical projection mapping, artists Kyle McDonald & Jonas Jongejan aim millions of light pixels at the disco balls in an extremely precise way down to the millimeter. The resulting reflections off the disco balls become transforming and immersive patterns on every surface of the room.

The artists accomplish this feat by conducting hundreds of light scans to capture the volumetric position of every pixel being projected. They then combine this data with a 3D model of the room to design evocative scenes of light patterns: what could be a glistening forest at night, a field of stars, and wherever else the viewer's imagination drifts.



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