Bonnaroo: Where in the Woods (6/15/22 - 6/19/22)

(Bonnaroo, Manchester TN)

We partnered with Bonnaroo to lead the production of "Where in the Woods" in 2022, bringing to life a disco UFO stage and disco forest.

Our vision: a disco ball UFO emergency landed in the woods. Disco creatures emerged, and they created a secret party home. Attendees follow the call of the disco ball, and soon enough, discover the enchanted disco forest.


  • Disco UFO Stage (performances by Porter Robinson's Air2Earth, Dillon Francis, Jauz, Channel Tres, NGHTMRE, Cloonee, Mochakk, SIDEPIECE, VNSSA, LP Giobbi, Mindchatter, Sohmi, Kito, Vinyl Ranch, Moore Kismet, Kasablanca, and more)
  • Illuminator (the world's largest spinning disco ball) by Derek Dyer; lighting design by James Biller
  • Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty
  • Disco creature sculptures by Nick Oudsema, Sofiest Designs, Disco Heads, and Carson Lee
  • Hundreds of disco balls

Thank you to the Bonnaroo team, artists, and production partners for bringing all of this to life, together.

For more pictures and videos click here for our Instagram story highlights.

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